FAQ- HSI Edition



1. What will you tell your friends and family back home about HSI? You know that question is just waiting for you back home…

When i arrive home tomorrow and even on the ride home with my mom I’ll be answering LOADS of questions. I will express my love and appreciation for this camp and the people that also participated. I will tell my friends and family how much i enjoyed it and how much i will miss my fellow ‘HSIers’. some other thing i will include are my classes. Like in my medication history class I can show them all of the nifty things i made. And in the Graphics class I can say how we had a ton of fun being able to blog, take pictures and creative write all of which i really enjoy.

2. How do you think you’ve grown as a person from coming to HSI? Have you become more outgoing and friendly? Have you conquered any fears? Have you learned to be more independent?

I think i maintained the same personality. HSI helped me open up more to people and be able to start conversations with more ease. I have learned how to be more independent from my money managing, being on time, doing my laundry and just being more responsible.

3. How do you think HSI prepared you for college life and your future career path?

I think HSI prepared me for college life and my future career path from making me more responsible and independent. This is the first time i have been away from home without my family for so long. Having the workshops that we had on wednesday helped open my eyes to more college things. With my team and wing leader Kathleen, she taught us about the Honors Program which i really want to join now that i have been taught about it. THere are only a few rewuirements to be bale to apply and if for som reason i dont make those (which probably wont hapen), I can mail the director of the Honors Program, who is also one of the organziers of HSI. So I have more insiders if i attended college here.


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