Multitasking with Multimedia: Can it be done?


In my school there isn’t as much multimedia multitasking going on because on the computers and iPads at the school are all on the network that has blocked all of the social media sites such as Facebook, twitter and even YouTube. Unless students are on their phones, which they aren’t supposed to be at school, texting or being active on Facebook.

Outside of school, truthfully, i multitask with media A LOT. It’s kind of second nature to be on rhapsody listening to music, browsing on iFunny or Facebook, being on Snapchat and even texting various people.

On somethings I am effective at multitasking with media like listening to music. But, with the others I listed above I am terrible at keeping focused on my work. With the listening to music it kind of keeps me focused on the homework or paperwork laid out in front of me.

In the future I’m going to try not to multitask during school so it enables me to be more involved in order for me to get the best education my high school offers.

With society, multitasking can be harmful to others, like texting and driving. I have caught myself trying to do just that very thing, but I’m getting better. If my sister is in the car with me and my text message notification goes off she automatically takes a look at it for me and relays what was said. She usually does all of the multimedia things when i am busy driving or doing something else. But, when my sister isn’t in the car with me I have to remind myself not to look at the phone because I am not the only one on the road.

That is all.



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  1. I’m glad that you realize the serious implications of multitasking while driving and I hope you continue to avoid that behavior! I also hope you stick to your goal of reducing your multitasking while studying or doing homework. When we can focus on our learning and devote all of our attention to educating our minds, we will remember information better and become better critical thinkers. Good luck! I know how hard it is; we all do.

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