The Theatre Life of Quinton Migneault


IMG_1008Quinton Migneault is an entertainer at heart.

“Well there was this one time, I was at school in Burlington. I was in 9th grade and there was this one scene, my pants were extra long so I was trying to pull them over my shoes. Well once I ran out from behind the stage and I was going for my opening I slipped on the pants and fell right onto the stage. Luckily I got right back up and went right  back into it. When you’re an entertainer you have to be able to get back up and use it to your advantage. And that was my worst and best time of my career.”

Quinton Migneault an upcoming Junior at Burlington High School and an excellent theatre performer was able to come through hardships in his life and get back up after he has been pushed down so many times.

Being told to quit numerous times by teachers and peers made him want to do just that but, Migneault pressed on in his career. Being told to tone it down by most of his teachers and coaches, he ignored them. This more erratic attitude has helped him be more unique in the performing world.

Quinton’s other hobbies include playing the guitar. Which brings a lot of people to the fishbowl to listen to him play. Quinton explains it as being able to feel the music as well as hearing it. He feels proud when he writes a song or even just finishes playing one. Quinton enjoys playing parodies to songs which some of them were created by Tim Hawkins, a comedian.

He is also widely known through YouTube from different videos he makes with his friends. Some of these videos are named, Mayonnaise, Feet Tickling, Quinton and Isaiah parts 1-3, eat my napkin! and many more.

Quinton describes himself as outgoing, funny, not as much of a social butterfly, charismatic, and musical.

Migneault also enjoys stand-up comedy in addition to acting and music. Being as he is, it isn’t as much of a struggle for him as it would be with others. Quinton is a very funny individual already so it helps him excel in comedy. He once said that being in comedy is difficult at sometimes but the biggest struggle is to go on stage in front of a big crowd. It’s also hard to come up with material at some points in time.

After being asked about something’s a person wouldn’t know about him Migneault responded, “Some people might not know it but I’m from Georgia. I can also play the violin which most people would not think to be the most manly instrument.”

Continuing his career, Quinton becomes better and better each time he sets foot on any stage. In the future he hopes to be great and widely known for his talents instead of on YouTube with his buddies.

Quinton plans on attending college after high school but is still not sure where and what he wants to pursue just yet. Perhaps music, performing or comedy may play a part in his decision.


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  1. Good job at capturing Quinton’s personality. One way to improve the story would be to embed or link to some of the YouTube videos that you mentioned in the story, that way the reader can really get a sense of Quinton’s personality. Nice job.

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