I honest to gosh thought that the interviews would be reallllyyyy awkward. My partners were Morgan and Quinton. Morgan interviewed me and I interviewed Quinton. When I interviewed Quinton he made it more comfortable. I was being completely quiet so my voice wouldn’t interrupt and he yells at me to laugh.

The worst part and the best part of this experience is the actual action. I really like talking so being interviewed was no problemo to me. But, interviewing other people it gets awkward.

I learned from this experience that the process isn’t as hard as i thought it would be. It’s pretty simple once you get past the part of coming up with the questions to ask your partner.

I think my interviewing skills could be helpful in the future. For example if i own a business or manage one I can help pick people well equipped for the job.

That is all.




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  1. I completely understand that it can be awkward, but it gets easier the more and more you are involved in interviews. But, it seems you enjoyed the overall experience; I hope you find it useful for the future!

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