Banning of Books: Like taking candy from a baby


In And Tango Makes Three I believe the book was banned from expressing some sort of homosexuality with the daddy penguins. I can get the pro-censorship point of view with trying to protect their children. The whole innocent eyes and innocent mind sort of thing. But, also I’m more sided with the anti-censorship side. Parents should get to decide what kind of things the children will be introduced to. Instead of our school systems deciding for us. In some books showing us the bad things of the world can help us prevent it not happening to us.
I had a couple experiences with this happening to me. One of my Language Art teachers had a banned bookshelf. We had to bring in notes from our parents saying we were allowed to borrow those books from her. My taste in books is more deppressing reality. So most of those books were on Mrs. Fisher’s shelf. The Glass Castle, Lush, Crank, My Sister’s Keeper, The Color Purple, The Chosen One and many more titles took up residency on this bookshelf. A lot of these books shaped my way of thinking on many controversial topics that these books expressed.
In my last opinions books of any kind SHOULD NOT BE BANNED. Leave that to the parents of the individual child.
That will be all.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences about this topic. It was interesting to hear about your personal book-banning experience in middle school. It seems your parents were fairly open and allowed you to read some of the banned books, which in my opinion, may be helpful in teaching you in ways in which you could never experience yourself (e.g., The Color Purple). Thanks for sharing!

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