FAQ- HSI Edition



1. What will you tell your friends and family back home about HSI? You know that question is just waiting for you back home…

When i arrive home tomorrow and even on the ride home with my mom I’ll be answering LOADS of questions. I will express my love and appreciation for this camp and the people that also participated. I will tell my friends and family how much i enjoyed it and how much i will miss my fellow ‘HSIers’. some other thing i will include are my classes. Like in my medication history class I can show them all of the nifty things i made. And in the Graphics class I can say how we had a ton of fun being able to blog, take pictures and creative write all of which i really enjoy.

2. How do you think you’ve grown as a person from coming to HSI? Have you become more outgoing and friendly? Have you conquered any fears? Have you learned to be more independent?

I think i maintained the same personality. HSI helped me open up more to people and be able to start conversations with more ease. I have learned how to be more independent from my money managing, being on time, doing my laundry and just being more responsible.

3. How do you think HSI prepared you for college life and your future career path?

I think HSI prepared me for college life and my future career path from making me more responsible and independent. This is the first time i have been away from home without my family for so long. Having the workshops that we had on wednesday helped open my eyes to more college things. With my team and wing leader Kathleen, she taught us about the Honors Program which i really want to join now that i have been taught about it. THere are only a few rewuirements to be bale to apply and if for som reason i dont make those (which probably wont hapen), I can mail the director of the Honors Program, who is also one of the organziers of HSI. So I have more insiders if i attended college here.

Media Stereotypes


Watching the videos on stereotypes from african-americans, native american, average white male and average white female, the videos portray some racial things like for african-americans; eating watermelon, playing the trumpet, singing and being crazy and not very bright. But, with native americans they are portrayed as savages and wild men. Lastly with the average white male and female, females were put more in the house and kitchen while men were outside working.

Gender stereotypes have changed because of all of the feminists and others that think it is unacceptable. Racial stereotypes changed because of rights activists.

THe stereotypes that exist for people with disabilities is that they all are helpless and can’t do anything with their lives.

the stereotype for LGBT is that they all come onto the people they are attracted to no matter what. so say a person on tv was sitting there and a LGBT member was nearby, they would make it seem like the LGBT was salivating over the person.

Some examples of TV shows that show stereotypes are, Betty Boop, Popeye, Leave it to Beaver, any old cartoon and some of the other older movies.

That is all.


Multitasking with Multimedia: Can it be done?


In my school there isn’t as much multimedia multitasking going on because on the computers and iPads at the school are all on the network that has blocked all of the social media sites such as Facebook, twitter and even YouTube. Unless students are on their phones, which they aren’t supposed to be at school, texting or being active on Facebook.

Outside of school, truthfully, i multitask with media A LOT. It’s kind of second nature to be on rhapsody listening to music, browsing on iFunny or Facebook, being on Snapchat and even texting various people.

On somethings I am effective at multitasking with media like listening to music. But, with the others I listed above I am terrible at keeping focused on my work. With the listening to music it kind of keeps me focused on the homework or paperwork laid out in front of me.

In the future I’m going to try not to multitask during school so it enables me to be more involved in order for me to get the best education my high school offers.

With society, multitasking can be harmful to others, like texting and driving. I have caught myself trying to do just that very thing, but I’m getting better. If my sister is in the car with me and my text message notification goes off she automatically takes a look at it for me and relays what was said. She usually does all of the multimedia things when i am busy driving or doing something else. But, when my sister isn’t in the car with me I have to remind myself not to look at the phone because I am not the only one on the road.

That is all.


MTV’s Mooks, Midriffs and their influences


Taking a critical look at MTV and understanding how they make their money might be suprising to some. Beign owned by Viacom, along with many other TV channels, can be exploited through more than MTV.

Some things could be deemed inappropriate to some viewers depending upon their age. With Howard Stern, Britney Spears and other icons they can be a little inmature at times. Showing their bodies on television, which most kids don’t need to see.

A Mook is a male that can influence many other males by their actions. Some Mooks may be the characters in Jackass, Wild Boys, Limp Biscuit and other reality TV shows.

A Midriff is a female than influences other females by their actions or opinions. Some Midriffs might be Britney Spears, J-Lo, Christina Aguilera and other famous women.

Midriffs and Mooks, I believe, are creations by MTV to have people for the viewers to look up to and follow.

MTV’s content has changed by the different newer TV shows like, Teen Mom, Catfish, Awkward, Real World and Jersey Shore. MTV also has less music than it did. Most of the entertainment it has is just televison series and sometimes a few movies.

I think MTV should include a lot more music videos and less reality TV shows. I think this would vamp up their views even more.

That is all.


The Times They Are A-Changin’


Putting different businesses in TV shows or movies is a great advertising for the business and sometimes for the watchers. I understand where the advertisers are coming from. I see a lot of businesses in TV shows or movies now a days. Some examples are in I am Sam, Cast Away, Zombie Land, Now You See Me. Almost every entertainment expression will have some sort of advertising in it. because the characters have to go somewhere so might as well advertise for companies while doing it!

I think that integrating advertising and entertainment is ethical. The entertainment are shown to the public and it’s not like the advertisers are getting the advertising done for free. They have to pay quite a chunk of money.

The man in the video is trying to persuade people who his opinion in the immersing advertising and entertainment is a good thing.  I do buy his opinions because that’s the same way I feel.

The message being portrayed is just trying to sway us into thinking the same way as the marketing expert. Emotion, identity, and our inner desires apparently play a big part in how the advertisers develop their commercials.

That is all.


The Theatre Life of Quinton Migneault


IMG_1008Quinton Migneault is an entertainer at heart.

“Well there was this one time, I was at school in Burlington. I was in 9th grade and there was this one scene, my pants were extra long so I was trying to pull them over my shoes. Well once I ran out from behind the stage and I was going for my opening I slipped on the pants and fell right onto the stage. Luckily I got right back up and went right  back into it. When you’re an entertainer you have to be able to get back up and use it to your advantage. And that was my worst and best time of my career.”

Quinton Migneault an upcoming Junior at Burlington High School and an excellent theatre performer was able to come through hardships in his life and get back up after he has been pushed down so many times.

Being told to quit numerous times by teachers and peers made him want to do just that but, Migneault pressed on in his career. Being told to tone it down by most of his teachers and coaches, he ignored them. This more erratic attitude has helped him be more unique in the performing world.

Quinton’s other hobbies include playing the guitar. Which brings a lot of people to the fishbowl to listen to him play. Quinton explains it as being able to feel the music as well as hearing it. He feels proud when he writes a song or even just finishes playing one. Quinton enjoys playing parodies to songs which some of them were created by Tim Hawkins, a comedian.

He is also widely known through YouTube from different videos he makes with his friends. Some of these videos are named, Mayonnaise, Feet Tickling, Quinton and Isaiah parts 1-3, eat my napkin! and many more.

Quinton describes himself as outgoing, funny, not as much of a social butterfly, charismatic, and musical.

Migneault also enjoys stand-up comedy in addition to acting and music. Being as he is, it isn’t as much of a struggle for him as it would be with others. Quinton is a very funny individual already so it helps him excel in comedy. He once said that being in comedy is difficult at sometimes but the biggest struggle is to go on stage in front of a big crowd. It’s also hard to come up with material at some points in time.

After being asked about something’s a person wouldn’t know about him Migneault responded, “Some people might not know it but I’m from Georgia. I can also play the violin which most people would not think to be the most manly instrument.”

Continuing his career, Quinton becomes better and better each time he sets foot on any stage. In the future he hopes to be great and widely known for his talents instead of on YouTube with his buddies.

Quinton plans on attending college after high school but is still not sure where and what he wants to pursue just yet. Perhaps music, performing or comedy may play a part in his decision.

Media Image and its impact


The media affects anyone that reads magazines, watches TV and even the people who listen to the radio. Some of the media expresses the need to be skinny, lean, tan, pretty, blonde and other stereotypical qualities. Trying to con us with diet shakes, pills, excercise equipment, diet food. All the media is doing is calling a girl maybe pushing 125 pounds fat. She goes on a diet, loses all her muscle, becomes very weak, her immune system fails and other times this girl might even die. Going with the opinion of the media can harm and sometimes help people.

I have been greatly affected by the medias view on the perfect girl. I used to sit and stare in my mirror and think, look at my thunder thighs, got to lose the muffin top, my cheeks are too big, look at that acne. I used to compare myself to my sister a lot. I would envy her for being skinnier than me, prettier than me and more wanted than me. I finally found things only i was good at and got over the fact of my body image (for the most part). I still have little depressing moments when i don’t fit into a pair of jeans. I was always worried about the digits on my waistband, the letter of size on the tag of my shirt. I used to HATE myself.

To solve the problems the media hs caused from increasing bulimia, anorexia and suicide, they first need to make sure everyone knows they are freaking beautiful in their own skin. Tan, freckled, pale won’t matter. Blonde, brunette, ginger, black won’t be an issue. You just have to accept who you ar and wont want to drastically change your body image.

That is all.




I honest to gosh thought that the interviews would be reallllyyyy awkward. My partners were Morgan and Quinton. Morgan interviewed me and I interviewed Quinton. When I interviewed Quinton he made it more comfortable. I was being completely quiet so my voice wouldn’t interrupt and he yells at me to laugh.

The worst part and the best part of this experience is the actual action. I really like talking so being interviewed was no problemo to me. But, interviewing other people it gets awkward.

I learned from this experience that the process isn’t as hard as i thought it would be. It’s pretty simple once you get past the part of coming up with the questions to ask your partner.

I think my interviewing skills could be helpful in the future. For example if i own a business or manage one I can help pick people well equipped for the job.

That is all.



Banning of Books: Like taking candy from a baby


In And Tango Makes Three I believe the book was banned from expressing some sort of homosexuality with the daddy penguins. I can get the pro-censorship point of view with trying to protect their children. The whole innocent eyes and innocent mind sort of thing. But, also I’m more sided with the anti-censorship side. Parents should get to decide what kind of things the children will be introduced to. Instead of our school systems deciding for us. In some books showing us the bad things of the world can help us prevent it not happening to us.
I had a couple experiences with this happening to me. One of my Language Art teachers had a banned bookshelf. We had to bring in notes from our parents saying we were allowed to borrow those books from her. My taste in books is more deppressing reality. So most of those books were on Mrs. Fisher’s shelf. The Glass Castle, Lush, Crank, My Sister’s Keeper, The Color Purple, The Chosen One and many more titles took up residency on this bookshelf. A lot of these books shaped my way of thinking on many controversial topics that these books expressed.
In my last opinions books of any kind SHOULD NOT BE BANNED. Leave that to the parents of the individual child.
That will be all.